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About Us

About Our Company

Turning towns and villages in cities through renewable energy provision

Solar City Botswana (Pty) Ltd was established 2016 to source and develop renewable energy projects for borehole, irrigation systems, residential, commercial solar photovoltaic market. Solar City Botswana (Pty) Ltd is a regional fast-growing company which has branches in Zambia and Zimbabwe with business in units project development, distribution and integration, and business solutions. We offer a full- service portfolio for solar projects of all scales that includes advisory, procurement, engineering, project development, finance, and construction services.


Develop/ implement advanced processes to improve the
performance / reliability and make Solar energy affordable for all.

Our mission
We aim to be at the forefront of the energy revolution in the Southern African
market. Solar City’s guiding principle is to expand decentralised energy, and
increase access to it, through:

Highest return on investment over the lifecycle of the project
Unrivalled global reach in our sector
Localised capabilities
Entrepreneurial spirit coupled with rigorous risk management


Long-term relationship with our customers is essential for our business model. Manufacture and assemble solar panels locally. Collaboration and contribution to the local universities and research institutes. We are convinced that decentralized and intelligent energy management systems is theenergy supply of the future. We support the sustainable development goals from UNDP “to universal access to affordableelectricity by 2030 means to invest in clean energy sources such as solar, wind and thermal andadopting cost-effective standards for a wider range of technologies” source UNDP

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