Kodak 5.12kWh 48V Battery ModulePart No: FL5.2 Storage Systems – Li-ion Battery Pack

The FL5.2 Kodak battery is a high performance, scalable battery module. The incredible 1C charge and discharge rate ensure you have the power when it is demanded. Each module has a capacity of 5.12kWh and can parallel up to 12 units for a total of 61.44kWh.

Installation is easy, with a plug and play solution that can save time when installing.

  • 5.12kWh parallelable up to 12 units for a total of 61.44kWh
  • 90% DoD – High DoD ensures you get the maximum out of the battery
  • Easy to install – No racks or extra mounting brackets required. Save valuable time on site
  • >6000 Life cycle – perfect for high cycle applications like off-grid or self-consumption systems
  • CAN/RS485 communication – Ensure seamless communication with KODAK and SOLIS range of inverter

Main power cable and BMS cable are purchased separately: FL5.2-CABLE. Please ensure you purchase the correct quantity dependent on the amount of batteries and the kW rating of your inverter.

This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Solar City Botswana will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.


Included in Kit
KIT-KODAK-7.2 KODAK OG-7.2 7.2kW 48V Off-Grid Kit
KIT-KODAK-LP5.6 KODAK OG LP5.6 – 5.6kW 48V Off-Grid Kit
KIT-OG5.48 KODAK OG5.48 5kW 48V Off-Grid Kit
KIT-OG-7.2-BU KODAK OG-7.2 7.2kW 48V Back-Up Kit
KIT-OGPLUS5.48 KODAK OG-PLUS5.48 5kW 48V Off-Grid Kit
KIT-OGPLUS5.48-BU KODAK OG-PLUS5.48 5kW 48V Back-Up Kit
KIT-OG-PLUS6.2 KODAK OG-PLUS6.2 6.2kW 48V Off-Grid Kit
KIT-OGS5.6 KODAK OGS5.6 5kW 48V Off-Grid Kit


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